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Taste the difference. The best Caribbean food in Indianapolis available only at Yaso Grill! 

Restaurant Menu

Daily Entrees

jerk chicken

Grilled Jerk Chicken

Chicken, marinated overnight with JD’s special jerk seasonings, then grilled to perfection. (One jerk sauce included. Additional Sauce is extra. 


JD's Famous Oxtails

Fall-off-the-bone tender oxtails stewed in gravy with carrots, tomatoes and garlic-scallion butterbeans.

curry chicken

Curry Chicken* bone-in

Mix of white & dark chicken, Irish potatoes and carrots, seasoned and marinated with Jamaica’s finest spices, then stewed until flavor-filled.


Curry Goat* bone-in

Seasoned and marinated with Dada’s special blend of spices, then stewed until flavor-filled

Jerk BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Tender pork ribs marinated with JD’s special jerk seasonings, then grilled to perfection. (One jerk sauce included. Additional sauce is extra.)

Yaso Vegetable Stew

A special variety of Jamaican vegetables stewed in coconut milk, and a touch of scotch bonnet mixed with the classic Jamaican medley of seasonings then simmered to perfection.

Weekly Specials


Fricassee Chicken - Tue & Wed

1/4 dark seasoned , pan seared then cooked down in JD’s special sauce until tender.

brown stew chicken

JD's Brown Stew Chicken - Thurs & Fri

A mix of dark and white meat chicken, carrot, and Irish potato stewed in an amazing, savory brown sauce.

jerk wings

Jerk Chicken Wings - Fri & Sat

Chicken wings, marinated overnight with JD’s special jerk seasonings, then grilled to perfection. (One jerk sauce included. Additional sauce is extra.)

Saturday Soup - Sat Only

Each week the chef will choose a different soup to serve on Saturday. Watch for your favorite.

jerk pot roast

Jerk Pot Roast - Sun

Beef chuck roast, carrot, Irish potato, and Jamaican sweet potato marinated in JD’s special jerk seasonings then slow-cooked in butter for over 8 hours. 

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Variety in every dish and authenticity in every bite!

Our menu is inspired by the diverse roots of Jamaican cuisine. We provide fresh, modern renditions of traditional island specialties such as jerk chicken and ribs, curry goat, escovitch red snapper, oxtail stew, and of course Jamaican patties. All seasoned with the fieriest jerk spices alongside the freshest ingredients. 


Bringing the taste of Caribbean culture to Indianapolis.


Our Reviews

At Yaso Grill, we will exceed your expectations with every bite. Our guarantee to you is that we make and serve every meal with excellence. We will give you an unforgettable experience with an authentic taste of Jamaican cuisine with every single bite! 

Ja Edwards

I have literally studied Jamaican restaurants all across the country and Yaso Jamaican Grill is on the VERY top of my list! First of all, the whole vibe of the building transports you to the Caribbean islands. The colors, the sounds, the positivity you can actually see… THEN there is the food… my, oh, my! The flavors are as vibrant as the atmosphere. There is no wrong turn on the menu and they have some beautiful vegetarian/vegan choices too. Indianapolis has some good Jamaican food choices but Yaso Jamaican Grill is definitely my number one choice.

Davis W.

 The food is fresh and seasoned well. This is a great place for a quick bite. The service is fast. The place is clean. The owners and staff are pleasant. This is the best authentic Jamaican food in Indianapolis!

Darrin M.

Love the Patties! They are truly one of a kind!

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