At Yaso Grill, one of the favorite treats of our customers is JD’s Famous Oxtail. But what is Oxtail?  Oxtail is a delicacy that is commonly used in Caribbean and Jamaican dishes. Since Oxtail is a meat that is not eaten with a great deal of frequency in American eateries, you may wonder how this Caribbean delicacy both tastes and how Jamaican chefs prepare it in a stew. The following guide provides more details about this dish and what to expect when you order it for lunch or dinner. When you are ready for the Best Jamaican food in Indianapolis, come visit us at Yaso Grill at 1501 Prospect St, Indianapolis, IN 46203.

What Is Oxtail?

Though traditionally taken from an ox, the meat used in Oxtail stew is a cut of meat that can come from the tail of a bull or cow. Oxtail is a bony and fatty meat, which makes an Oxtail moist and succulent after cooking in a delectable stew! In a stew, Oxtail has a gelatinous texture due to the high level of collagen content that is found in the tail of the animal.

How is Oxtail Normally Prepared?

When stewed or braised on low heat for long periods, the marrow in the center bones gradually seeps into the surrounding meat and liquid to give it even more flavor. This cut of meat has a strong beef taste and silky texture similar to short ribs. At Yaso Grill, our famous JD’s Oxtail is always fall-off-the-bone tender.

oxtail prepared for oxtail stew

How Is Oxtail Stew Used in Jamaican Cuisine?

After skinning and cutting the meat into segments, our chef then generously seasons the meat with pepper and a dash of salt before allowing it to brown on all sides and then braising. The liquid used for cooking the Oxtail is always a blend of sweet, aromatic, and spicy. Most often this occurs due to the brown sugar, garlic, and scotch bonnet peppers the mix contains.

Oxtail and Jerk Seasoning

Some variations include jerk seasoning, as jerk chicken is the most popular dish to originate from Jamaica. Again, at Yaso Grill, we cook the meat for several hours to allow the beef to become tender and absorb all of the flavors of the braising liquid.  When you order this dish, get a side of white rice, rice and peas, or fried plantains for a truly authentic dining experience. Don’t forget to order hard dough or “festival” bread to sop up the delicious juice remaining at the bottom of your bowl.

Are You Ready for Oxtail Stew?

When you are ready to order the best Oxtail stew in Indianapolis at an Indianapolis Jamaican restaurant, Yaso Grill. Again, we are located at 1501 Prospect St, Indianapolis, IN 46203. Take a look at our menu or call and order ahead at 317-744-0011 or email