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Jamaican Dishes Use Fish

Most popular Jamaican dishes use a variety of seafood. Fresh fish is readily available in the rivers and seas of the country; the fish is a part of various types of dishes. There are many dishes whose fame has gained several restaurants across the country whose sole purpose is to cater only to the customer’s needs. Fried shrimp, grilled fish, steamed vegetables, and salads are very popular in various techniques.

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Jerk Pork is a Popular Dish in Jamaica

Pork is also prevalent meat used in the preparation of Jamaican dishes. It can be grilled, stewed, or fried. Many Jamaican dishes contain some pork in the preparation.

Alongside jerk pork, there is jerk chicken. Traditionally, jerk chicken’s history is far more popular, but jerk pork is more expensive. The most known place to find jerk pork in Jamaica is in Boston, Portland. Because of the popularity of the jerk pork found in Boston, people from all over the island will name their dish “Boston Jerk Pork,” which would increase sales, as it is believed that the best-tasting pork originated in that part of the island.

Many foods in Jamaican cuisine are known to have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables used in Jamaica are so abundant that they can only be found there. Many people like the fish curry since it contains a lot of vegetables as well as spices. Different types of beans, vegetables, chicken, or beef are used to make the curry.

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What is Jamaica’s National Dish

The answer to the question of what is Jamaica’s national dish is rooted in its history of slavery. Ackee is a fruit with a voluptuous appearance with red skin that is native to Ghana. Captain William Bligh introduced the fruit to science in 1793 by taking it to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England.

Although neither ackee nor salt cod is native to Jamaica, the food recipe is intertwined with Jamaican history. It’s the marriage of these two foods that makes them so uniquely Jamaican and so emblematic of the taste of Jamaica. Saltfish is the Jamaican term for salt cod, a product produced in the North Atlantic but originally imported to Jamaica by plantation owners as an inexpensive way to feed their slaves.

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Curried Goat is Another Favorite in Jamaican Cuisine

There is also a popular Jamaican dish called curried goat, but it’s not 100% Jamaican. The curry is Indian, but how it is made in Jamaica is Jamaican. Before adding meat, the Indians burn the spices in the oil. Jamaicans add their spices directly to the preferred meat, rubbing in the flavor with their hands. First, they make sure the oil is smoking, then we add the meat and cover the pot. A second step is to stir the meat to prevent it from burning. Finally, when the cook determines that the seasoning has penetrated the meat enough and has taken on a good color, a little water is added. It is often allowed to steam the meat in its juices until it is ready to eat, even if there is liquid in the pot from cooking the meat. Rice and boiled green bananas come with a curried goat.

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Jamaican Food Culture and Traditions Available in Indianapolis

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