Resurrection Sunday in all Christian cultures around the world is the celebration of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God.  The custom is relatively the same, however, the traditions of each culture vary and contribute to the spice of being human.

In Jamaica, the public holiday Easter is celebrated on a Monday, yet there are a few other important days surrounding Easter that are heavily celebrated.  Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday are all important parts of the Holy celebration that usually culminate in formal church worship.

easter bun

A fun and important tradition that takes place during the Easter season is the sharing and eating of Easter Bun and Cheese.  Easter Bun is a sweet, spiced bread sometimes filled with cherries or raisins.  It comes in a dense loaf that is cut into thick slices used to sandwich a sizeable piece of Tastee processed cheddar cheese.  Bun and Cheese, as it is classically called, can be either a snack or a meal depending on the time of day, portion size, or who is eating.


In Jamaica, though the traditions vary from Parish to Parish, many people gather at the beach for a swim with family and friends on Easter Monday.  You may also find yourself partaking in an Easter Carnival or festival with costumes, dancing, and parades.  Wherever you find yourself on Easter weekend in Jamaica, it will definitely be a festive occasion.


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